September Director’s Report

Center Guests

We are still averaging 15 people a night, 18 during the day.   These are average numbers, and we were totally full only 2 nights of the month.   We had 25 new people this month!  I think we have seen a steady number of transient persons as well as those that weed themselves out because they do not want to follow rules, so overall our numbers are not that many more even though we seem to be doing intakes on a lot of new people.
Personal Observations
I took a tumble at home a couple weeks ago and fractured my ankle and foot and was on crutches for a week, still wearing the giant boot for a bit but am very thankful for Carol and the other volunteers and employees for filling in where I come up short.  Amber (employee) has been doing all the laundry, Carol came in to cover for my ER visit.  The night staff have been making double sure that there is nothing more for me to do when I get in.  Christian graciously loaned me the use of his employee to go to the food bank.  I am moving slowly but still moving so that’s all that counts!

Out on the Town

I have been quite pleased that agencies look to us when they want to find or know about their clients.  Adult protective, when they are looking for someone that has been reported as homeless, always make us their first stop.  Social workers from the hospital, case managers from Spectrum, even Adult Probation will stop by to see if we have seen their clients.  I am glad that they know we are a haven for those clients. It also gives clients a safe place to talk to someone that may not be the most fun to have interactions with.

Rhonda Bishop