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Upcoming Fundraiser: “Great Things”

October 8, 2022, Cottonwood Community Clubhouse


Since homeless persons can be reluctant to leave the streets and accept emergency shelter or transitional housing, we operate transition centers — places where homeless youth or adults can get off the streets and find a temporary safe haven. And often, when homeless persons begin to trust drop-in center staff, they agree to leave the streets and enter transitional or permanent housing.

  • WaterThe summers are hot and bottled water is an essential need for survival
  • FoodTransition center provides daily food
  • Homewe provide housing assistance when needed.
  • CareSpending time and providing mentoring to those individuals we serve

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Experiencing Homelessness or Food Insecurity?

Communities in the Verde Valley have many resources for the homeless and the hungry.



We treat all people with dignity and respect. We recognize people flourish in an environment where they are supported, trusted and respected.

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We never compromise our integrity. We build our relationships on a foundation of integrity, honesty and trust. We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

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We build on each other’s ideas and skills. We believe the best results are gained by capitalizing on the team’s strengths and not on an individual’s talents alone. As individuals, we either lead or follow to achieve the best results for the organization and those we serve.

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Call for Volunteers

Call for Volunteers

Board President Carol Quasula announced today a volunteer outreach program to locate and find individuals to help meet the needs of the Verde Valley Homeless Coalition. Quasula said “Understandably, the pandemic decimated the number of volunteer hours we were seeing...

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Dogs Are Welcome

Dogs Are Welcome

Why are dogs so important for the homeless? They provide companionship, safety,  consistency and support mental and emotional health. Well behaved dogs are always welcome at the Verde Valley Homeless Coalition!  Donated pet food is available so even Fido needn’t go...

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From the Director

June Director’s Report

Hello Everyone, Happy beginning of the 2nd half of the year!  I hope everyone had a great May.  This email is going to be a little short since we have a lot going on here right now. We had a mini swap meet at the Center this month! Manzanita Outreach came in and...

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May Director’s Report

At the Center How quickly time passes! Of course it was a pretty busy month so that makes the days go by in a flash. We had another record-breaking month, 20 new people used the center for the first time in April. We saw 466 in the daytime and 562 joined us overnight....

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