October’s Director’s Report

At the Center

Hello Friends,
Happy October!  This past month has been quite busy and really, we expect a busy end of the year as well.

In September we averaged 14 individuals both day and night. We also saw 21 new people.  The new ones continue to come and go with our handful of “regulars” that stick around.  The shelter has been running smoothly with only a few minor issues coming up usually pertaining to people not willing to follow rules or being intoxicated and unruly.

Staffing has been stable, and I hope it will continue.

We received a notice from the City of Cottonwood that the lot at 660 had a bunch of litter and junk.  Thanks to Carol and her very small cleaning crew, everything was picked up in a very expeditious manner.

Around Town

I met with Rachelle from Manzanita.  They have started working on an online local resource guide to any resource you might be looking for.  I can see where it would benefit churches, the library, anyone that works with people in need.  It sounds like a great tool, and I am excited to have this that we can give to people.

I am looking forward to the Fundraiser on Saturday!

Rhonda Bishop
Executive Director